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Wondering how on earth to get started with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

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Do you want to join an amazing community of folks who love nerding out about blockchain technology?

If the answer is Yes, come and meet us. We offer a warm & welcoming hang out spot for our community to exchange ideas , collaborate , learn and work towards creating a better economy over a delicious cup of coffee. Come hang out with fellow blockchain nerds and enthusiasts. Challenge your crypto knowledge. Learn new things. Make new friends. 


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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Bitcoin— but you might not have any idea how to get your proverbial hands on it.  Are you wondering what is Bitcoin?  Why are people so excited about it?  What about all these other Altcoins? How do I get started? If you are looking for answers , you will love our mini course. The best part? It's ABSOLUTELY FREE. Yes, that's right. MileHigh Decentralized is dedicated to educate the blockchain community and empower you with practical knowledge to use and manage your digital assets. 


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We try to keep our website fresh and provide you with free resources, that you'll find incredibly useful! We also have 15 thought leaders from 7 countries who regularly blog about blockchain related news.  

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The whole world at your fingertips, shouldn't your money be there too?

  •  Buy and sell bitcoin locally with cash at an XBTeller Bitcoin ATM!
  •  Fiat to Bitcoin in seconds, not days.
  •  Bitcoin to Fiat -The fastest way to turn your bitcoin back into cold hard cash.
  •  No Banking Details. 
  •  No Account Required under $1000.
  •  No Biometrics.


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The Crypto Cafe

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Check out our Events. The Crypto Café is open during office hours to use the Bitcoin  ATM